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One Girl Can is breaking the cycle of poverty and impacting gender equality through education and mentorship. Our holistic model empowers a girl from the time she leaves primary school until the day she gains meaningful employment. We are committed to long-term partnerships that ensure school infrastructures will continue to support growth and provide a dynamic and safe learning environment. Education beyond primary level in Kenya and Uganda is not free.

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We provide secondary and university scholarships for girls with the greatest need and highest potential. This support ensures girls continue their education and never miss a day of school due to poverty or cultural pressure. Our patriarchal mindset needs to change. Third, knowledge matters and ignorance is a recipe for disaster. This means that gender studies need to be introduced as a mandatory course in our curricula both at the secondary and higher secondary levels. In addition, courses on ethics, morality, and values need to be taken into consideration. Finally, the role of the state needs to be more prominent.

The Bangladesh government needs to be fully committed in ensuring the security of the country's girls and women, which includes the need to make sure that the rule of law is implemented in every case of sexual violence against women so that perpetrators are punished.

Our Mission:

I must also add that the availability of pornography in the internet needs to be strictly checked or even prohibited. We know that Bangladesh has come a long way since independence.

But if we cannot ensure the security of our girls, can we really say that we have achieved meaningful development? As a father, to me my daughter's safety comes first. I want to see her grow up and achieve her dreams. Like every parent, what I want is for my daughter to be able to live in a society free from violence against women—not where we have to read news reports of rape cases every single day.

Lovers Girls — Lovers Society

On behalf of all those men who are a father to a daughter, I urge the state to not let my appeal go unheard. Md Shariful Islam teaches international relations at the University of Rajshahi. Skip to main content.

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Sign up. You are browsing in private mode. The report was disturbing; around 16, children were deemed to be at high risk of child sex exploitation yet much of the response to the report was on whether it under-played the representation of Pakistani men in child sex exploitation CSE. As much as I agree with Berelowitz that Pakistani men abusing girls is one model among many models of CSE, the statistics in the report, which does not include data from all police forces, suggest there is an over-representation of Pakistani men working in groups guilty of on-street grooming, as opposed to acting alone or online which is predominately carried out by white men.