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Though the site is relatively secure at least one instance of a supernatural being infiltrating Hunter-Net has been recorded, it was maintained by an Imbued called Witness1, and other Imbued who maintain and add data to it included Bookworm55, Doctor, and the infamous God When taking a screen name on Hunter-Net one takes a word to describe oneself and then a number signifying what order they joined in—by this Doctor is a Hunter who has decided to describe himself as a doctor and is the th person to sign in.

Throughout the path of what is now known as the "Old World of Darkness" as opposed to the New World of Darkness, the current incarnation of which is called Hunter: The Vigil , the original Hunter-Net was dismantled and broken. Witness1, the proprietor of the site, deleted a number of accounts on the original H-Net, but claimed that someone or something else had hacked his account.

A new Hunter-Net was built, but it hardly had the following of the original.

Hunter: The Reckoning

Many subsets of the site sprung up around Hunter-Net, founded by specific hunter creeds. One of the most notable is the Firelight mailing list located on the first page of the Creedbook Avenger. The Dark Ages time setting that is the closest equivalent to Hunter: The Reckoning is Dark Ages: Inquisitor ; the reason for this is probably the fact that the Imbued did not exist until the Final Nights time period in the World of Darkness.

Despite the similar nature of the two games, Inquisitors tend to play at a significantly greater and more powerful level than Hunters. Three Gauntlet -style video games have been produced with the Hunter license:. A film adaptation based on the above video games was announced for release in ; the movie was originally planned as a simple video game-to-movie adaptation, but writer Drew Daywalt confirmed that the writers worked with White Wolf in order to create a new, darker story, more in the spirit of the RPG. Uwe Boll was, for a time, attached to direct the film, a fact that further displeased fans of the game, given the negative opinions and reviews of his previous game-to-movie films.

The original television series aired from September to May 19, on Fox; the program spanned nine seasons, with episodes. A short tenth season consisting of six episodes premiered on January 24, , concluded on February 22, Following the ratings success of this revival, Fox announced in April that The X-Files would be returning for an eleventh season of ten episodes; the season premiered on January 3, , concluding on March 21, In addition to the television series, two feature films have been released: The film The X-Files, which took place as part of the TV series continuity, the stand-alone film The X-Files: I Want to Believe , released in , six years after the original television run had ended; the series revolves around Federal Bureau of Investigation special agents Fox Mulder , Dana Scully who investigate X-Files: marginalized, unsolved cases involving paranormal phenomena.

Hunter: Utopia

Mulder believes in the existence of aliens and the paranormal while Scully, a medical doctor and a skeptic , is assigned to make scientific analyses of Mulder's discoveries to debunk his work and thus return him to mainstream cases. Early in the series, both agents become pawns in a larger conflict and come to trust only each other and a few select people; the agents discover an agenda of the government to keep the existence of extraterrestrial life a secret.

They develop a close relationship which begins as a platonic friendship, but becomes a romance by the end of the series. In addition to the series-spanning story arc, " monster of the week " episodes form two-thirds of all episodes; the X-Files was inspired by earlier television series which featured elements of suspense and speculative fiction, including The Twilight Zone , Night Gallery , Tales from the Darkside , Twin Peaks , Kolchak: The Night Stalker.

When creating the main characters, Carter sought to reverse gender stereotypes by making Mulder a believer and Scully a skeptic. The first seven seasons featured Anderson equally. In the eighth and ninth seasons, Anderson took precedence. The series returned to Vancouver to film The X-Files: I Want to Believe as well as the tenth and eleventh seasons of the series; the X-Files was a hit for the Fox network and received positive reviews, although its long-term story arc was criticized near the conclusion.

Considered a cult series, it turned into a pop culture touchstone that tapped into public mistrust of governments and large institutions and embraced conspiracy theories and spirituality. Both the series itself and lead actors Duchovny and Anderson received multiple awards and nominations, by its conclusion the show was the longest-running science fiction series in U.

Mulder is a talented profiler and strong believer in the supernatural , he is adamant about the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life and its presence on Earth. This set of beliefs earns him the nickname "Spooky Mulder" and an assignment to a little-known department that deals with unsolved cases, known as the X-Files, his belief in the paranormal springs from the claimed abduction of his sister Samantha Mulder by extraterrestrials when Mulder was Her abduction drives Mulder throughout most of the series; because of this, as well as more nebulous desires for vindication and the revelation of truths kept hidden by human authorities, Mulder struggles to maintain objectivity in his investigations.

Agent Scully is a foil for Mulder in this regard. As a medical doctor and natural skeptic, Scully approaches cases with complete detachment when Mulder, despite his considerable training, loses his objectivity. She is partnered with Mulder so that she can debunk Mulder's nonconforming theories supplying logical, scientific explanations for the cases' unexplainable phenomena.

Although she is able to offer scientific alternatives to Mulder's deductions, she is able to refute them completely. Over the course of the series, she becomes dissatisfied with her own ability to approach the cases scientifically. After Mulder's abduction at the hands of aliens in the seventh season finale "Requiem", Scully becomes a "reluctant believer" who manages to explain the paranormal with science. Various episodes deal with the relationship between Mulder and Scully platonic, but that develops romantically. Doggett replaces him as Scully's partner and helps her search for him involving Reyes, of whom Doggett had professional knowledge.

Hunter: The Reckoning - the Land Between - Episode 1

The initial run of The X-Files ends when Mulder is secretly subjected to a military tribunal for breaking into a top secret military facility and viewing plans for alien invasion and colonization of Earth. He is found guilty, but he escapes punishment with the help of the other agents and he and Scully become fugitives; as the show progress. Mummy: The Resurrection Mummy: The Resurrection is a role-playing game released by White Wolf Game Studios , where the players assume the role of resurrected mummies living in the modern world. Mummy: The Resurrection introduces the Amenti , a new style of mummy than those presented in earlier World of Darkness products.

In , a catastrophic storm shook the Underworld and - among other things - woke Osiris from his long slumber. Osiris took a glimpse at the Earth and realised that the world was a dark place much in need of his help. Osiris decided to issue an announcement to his worshipers on Earth, in which he assured them that they were not forsaken, he granted them a new spell - the Spell of Life - to resurrect the chosen ones who would do battle in his name. Taking the formal name of Amenti, in honor of the lost city of the dead, they were created, armed with Hekau magic to do battle against the servants of Apophis , the game's main antagonist.

Mummies are agents of balance, they are created with the perfected Spell of Life given out by Osiris.

This game provides examples of:

The tem-akh is a shard of an powerful Egyptian spirit. It is the strongest portion of a soul, destroyed in the Sixth Maelstrom ; this tem-akh looks for an imbalance of a mortal's soul who has died. This soul or nehem-sen is weak; the tem-akh offers a second chance at life. If the nehem-sen refuses, the tem-akh moves on to find another and leaves the nehem-sen to the dangers of the underworld alone. If the nehem-sen agrees, the tem-akh tears away the portion of the soul, most flawed; this causes intense agony.

After tearing this away, the tem-akh inserts itself into the missing part of the soul and perfects the flawed soul; the soul is now strongest. The tem-akh back into the dead body; the body is reanimated and appears as a walking corpse.

Hunter: The Reckoning

With the nehem-sen in shock, the tem-akh is in control and has the responsibility of getting the body back to the Web of Faith, in Egypt and the surrounding area. At this point the body and hybrid soul has not attained true rebirth, it has 70 days. As the potential Amenti gets close to the Lands of Faith, resurrected factions use Hekau or receive visions from Osiris to discover when and where the Amenti will appear. Once one of the resurrected factions secure one of these new arrivals, it is taken to one of the sacred sites within the Lands of Faith.

At this time the Spell of Life is performed. If the soul fails the test, the spell of life fails and the body and soul dies. If the soul passes the two souls are returned to the body. After the spell of life is complete the Amenti is now in his Third Life. In the Third Life, the Amenti is a new person, it is a melding of the second lives.

It has memories and personality traits from both of the previous lives; the type of mummy that the reborn returns as is dependent upon the tem-akh that joins with the nehem-sen. There are five types of tem-akh, they are. Ba — This grants strength of character and free thinking. Allows individuality. Sahu — This is the part of the soul that drives the morality of the person. Khu — This part of the soul drives creativity and inspiration. Khaibit — This generates the drive and aggression.

Tomb Watchers: or Kher-minu, are created from the Ka tem-akh; the ka chooses its mortal host from those who bear little protective instinct or love for their own lives and bodies.

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The host is a casualty of a tragic or self-destructive lifestyle. During the Third Life, the Amenti will begin to learn safety precautions and survival techniques. Leading to protecting a person, place or possession. Primary Hekau: Amulets Quote: "Our bodies are temples. All life is a sacred gift.

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  • The ba chooses its mortal host from those who are ruled by habit or dogma. During the Third Life, the Amenti will get rid of thoughtless or counterproductive behaviors that arise from habit, peer pressure or blind obedience to authority. They will most to develop a life that helps other people by beginning a career as a therapist, psychologist , or doctor. Primary Hekau: Alchemy Quote: "We must heal the living world so that its wounds will cease to ravage the lands of the dead.

    All beings have a part to play, we will help them learn it. The sahu chooses its mortal host from those whose lives resolved around deception and shortsighted folly. Someone, ruled by a desire to lie or cheat.

    Hunter: the Reckoning vs Vigil-type hunters in the oWoD - Onyx Path Forums

    During the Third Life, the Amenti will begin to atone for the wrongs, they will use the skills they used to put toward redemption instead. Primary Hekau: Celestial Quote: "Shadow and secrets fall away before your gaze once you have seen heaven's brilliance. The khu chooses its mortal host from those who were dull and selfish or plodding and self-centered in life.

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    • A mortal who led an empty life. Someone, lost in the self-absorbed bustle of the daily grind that. Game design Game design is the art of applying design and aesthetics to create a game for entertainment or for educational, exercise, or experimental purposes. Elements and principles of game design are applied to other interactions, in the form of gamification. Game design creates goals and challenges to define a board game, card game, dice game, casino game, role-playing game, video game, war game or simulation that produces desirable interactions among its participants and spectators.

      Academically, game design is part of game studies, while game theory studies strategic decision making. Games have inspired seminal research in the fields of probability, artificial intelligence and optimization theory. Applying game design to itself is a current research topic in metadesign. Sports and board games are known to have existed for at least nine thousand, six thousand, four thousand years. Tabletop games played today whose descent can be traced from ancient times include chess, go, backgammon , mahjong and pick-up sticks.

      The rules of these games were not codified until early modern times and their features evolved and changed over time, through the folk process. Given this, these games are not considered to have had a designer or been the result of a design process in the modern sense. After the rise of commercial game publishing in the late 19th century, many games which had evolved via folk processes became commercial properties with custom scoring pads or preprepared material.

      For example, the similar public domain games Generala and Yatzy led to the commercial game Yahtzee in the mids.